O. Winken Blink is the very distant cousin of a very famous rail photographer. While his famous cousin prefered to shoot photos at night, Winken couldn't afford all those flash bulbs, so he shot color rail pictures during the day. In the early fall of late 1957's, Winken made a trip deep into the mountains of West Virginia. There he found a little known coal hauling shortline still powered mainlly by steam. Winken felt he had found the Valhalla of steam. He saw and photographed Camelback 2-8-0's, a rare Camelback 0-6-6-0, a small 2-4-4-2 articulated, U.S.R.A. 2-6-6-2's, consolidations, and a Prairie class 2-6-2 still plied these lightweight rails. The Sandy Creek and Western served the coal mines of "the valley", as the locals call it. Winken photographed coal drags around the towns of Antioch, Dante, Fairhope, Hyndmann, Kaymore, and Mt. Hope. His efforts are shown here.